Over 3000 pillar rock formations which stand like soldiers

Zhangjiajie is a city in Hunan province of China. It is famous for its unique mountainous shapes and formations. It was recently elevated to worldwide prominence because these mountains were used as the mountains of the planet Pandora in the blockbuster movie “Avatar.”

There are 3 ways to get down once you’ve climbed up, and these are the zip lines, stairs, or the elevator. While an eyesore on the side of the beautiful cliffside, the Bailong Elevator is an impressive fear of engineering, carrying 50 visitors up to the high area. The ticket for the elevator ride costs around 60 yuan. But if you want to work those buttocks, the alternative are 999 steep stairs steps.

You will wonder how they could build the 999 steps of staircase to reach Tian Men Cave, standing majestically on top of Mount Tian Men! Challenge yourself to ascend these very steep steps to the top and there you are, at the Gate of Heaven! You will be rewarded with a stunning view of misty hills and fresh green around you!

A controversial elevator

The views from it for the last half of the ride is quite spectacular. The elevator drops visitors off at Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, revealing some of the most spectacular sceneries used in Avatar.

The panoramic views of the rock formations from Enchanting Terrace have arguably the best perspective in the park.

And because the Chinese are romantics, they named most of the hills with interesting names from the Chinese classic literature.

Visiting Zhangjiajie is a good fitness trip. You have to do a lot of hiking and climbing to fully enjoy the beauty of the mountains. So a pair of good walking shoes is a must when you visit Zhangjiajie!

Start off with a walk along the Golden Whip Brook and enjoy seeing the clear waters running along the foot of the mountains. Then take the tram car which skirts along the valley, providing idyllic views of the unusual rock formations of this area. The Bailong Elevator can take us more than 300m up to the top of Tianzishan. If you get to stand at the edge of the elevator, it’s a great ride up.

World’s tallest and scariest bridge

The Glass bridge sets te record for the worlds tallest bridged sitting at a altituted of 300 metres. It is also considered the scariest due to the glass bottom windows which offer full scary view of the canyon below it. It can be scary or even provoke vertigo therefore cameras are not allowed to be used on the bridge for safety measure. The mobile cameras though are allowed.

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