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The Red Ravine Canyon, the Place to Fly

The Red Ravine Canyon, the Place to Fly

Red Ravine is a protected area of ​​national interest that corresponds to the 4th category of IUCN (geological and floristic reservation), with an area of ​​10 ha, located in Alba County, on the administrative territory of Sebeș. The Red Ravine complex reservation includes specific erosion and runoff formations that give the landscape an imposing appearance, as well as a particular flora, with many rare and endemic elements. It has an area of ​​about 10 ha and is located in the southwestern extremity of the Secașelor Plateau, on the right bank of the Secașului Mare, about 4 kilometers from the city of Sebeș. The formation is visible from a great distance.

This geological formation was formed by the erosion produced by a torrent in sedimentary deposits of lower Miocene age (according to some geologists, Oligocene) consisting mainly of alternations of red clays with grey and red sandstones, which disintegrate easily in the sands. There are also intercalations of micro-conglomerates, which after washing the clay binder turn into gravel and clay, which accumulate at the base of the slope.

The running waters dug deep folds, giving rise to beautiful columns called “styled pyramids”. At the base of the slope, torrents have built manure cones, which change their appearance and size as a result of heavier rains. Due to the large slope and lack of vegetation, runoff, collapses and landslides have created a special relief, represented by towers, columns, obelisks, buttresses and earth pyramids, which together with the red and purple color give it an impressive appearance.

Red Ravine Canyon, Romania - Paragliding of Parachuting

The Secaș plateau, as a gentle space, restful as views, has a very important reservation, very rare and, especially, very visible. We are talking, dear travellers, about the Red Ravine. It is the first place that catches your eye when you are on the highway that passes by Sebeș. And from Alba Iulia to there are only about 20 km, which you can do in about 40 minutes. This is a refuge for landscape and tranquillity.

If there is an ideal place for picnics, adventurous expeditions, mountain biking and landscape photography, then we are talking about Red Ravine. Basically, it is the most visited tourist attraction near the city of Sebeș, regardless of the season; the experience of climbing the ravine is just as interesting in summer, when the rough, knee-high grass scratches the foot, as it is in winter when healthy boots are needed for mud and snow. In short, you have to climb.

The Red Ravine is truly overwhelming, as a view, only when you are at the foot of the rocks, from where the perspective on the abysses and geological formations reaches a dangerously dizzying level. It is a scenery that not only is no longer found in all of Romania, but does not seem to have any connection with the landscapes you normally see in a plateau area.

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The Red Ravine it is an actual ravine and it is indeed red. You will recognize it from a distance, the landmark being the millions of red wrinkles, which form, in fact, all the slopes of the reservation. Some claim to be seen from the satellite; it is not so, but they are rightly visible from a distance. We refer, here, to the bizarre scenography of pink rocks, to steep slopes, to forests that are impenetrable, sometimes spacious, to abysses that step at a distance, to caves crammed between clay turrets. It is a kind of natural Gothic in this landscape of the Red Ravine, whose unique profile, say geologists, is given by the alternation of red clays with grey sandstones, made up of weakly cemented formations. We are talking, in fact, about a micro reliefs, formed by the regressive erosion of a torrent that caused, in ancient times, a massive landslide. So we are talking about a big collapse, a constantly changing landslide.

Every 1st of May you could do paragliding of parachuting above the Red Ravine however, it is not yet transformed to be used for sightseeing. The fortunate part is that it is still a virgin land and one can meet with sheep there 🙂 Beware of shepherd dogs.

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