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Top European Wild Village Family Camp

Top European Wild Village Family Camp

With all that fear, it’s much easier to stay at home in our comfort zones than to break out and travel.

Do you sometimes get bored of the heavy city atmosphere where everybody is in a hurry to anywhere, the traffic challenges your manners and the air is heavy on pollution?

If you are looking for a different type of vacation, for an adventure that will offer you something more than just sightseeing, but an opportunity of being part of nature, we put together a list of the most loved and inexpensive wild family camp destinations in Europe that must make it into your list:

Featuring a 3 valey stunning view in an amazing natural location this Camp resort offers accommodation in fully equipped bungalows with kitchenettes and if you want to self cater, there is a Lidl at the bottom of the hill leading to the holiday park. Make sure to bring your travel essentials with you though because the few shops around there are a bit pricey.
Although the Landal Warsberg hotel offers many facilities for families such as playparks, tennis, table tennis,crazy golf, summer toboggen run and a nearby petting zoo, for getting up the big hill, save your energy and use the chair lift. It is lazy but it is fun.

For those who are looking for sports and nature hiking or just sighseeing, make sure to pack your gear as the town of Saarburg’s river has a cycle track both sides and many interesting buildings. There is also a 17 m waterfall in the centre of the town, where a coffee, ice cream or meal can be enjoyed in one of the many cafes or restaurants.

Some of the in-house everyday activities to keep you or your kids busy:

  • Fun & Entertainment programme the whole year
  • Amusement hall
  • Beach volleyball pitch, multi-sport playing field
  • Games/sports field
  • Jeu-de-boules playing area
  • Table tennis table, basketball pitch
  • Zip wire, bicycle rental, Go-karts
  • Minifootball, soccer track, obstacle track
  • Excursions
  • Adventure Golf


And because good things come hard and this is a list of simple but close-to-nature hotels, we couldn’t leave out the Berggasthaus Obersteinberg hotel in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland. Be prepared for a walk as the only route is on foot, up around 500 vertical metres from the valley below. Don’t let this put you off as the Berghotel is an unforgettable experience. This hotel is the definition of a cozy mountain-top Swiss experience. The host is a real character and she served up a ‘surprise’ dinner (no menu, you just get what’s been cooked – amazing). The rooms were basic but very clean and with million$ views. Be prepared for a technology break – no internet, no TV as there’s NO ELECTRICITY – don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a problem, it was a highlight of our stay. Detox yourself from the average hotel and treat yourself to the Berghotel.

Because the access to this place is limited to those who can uptake the challenge of a 10 miles uphill hike or can afford a helicopter ride, this place is magical, not touched by pollution with fresh oxygen and absolutely spectacular views of the Alps and waterfalls.

The Berghotel is owned by a very friendly and lovely family, so you are safe. Bear in mind though that there is no electricity, Wi-Fi or air conditioning but i snot needed up there and is worth all the way for the vies, the comfort and the food which is cooked form what they produce.

Schutzenbach is situated in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is known for its 72 waterfalls and majestic cliffs. Whatever the weather you will be mesmerized! Come seek adventure and be swept off your feet by the natural beauty that inspired J.R. Tolkien’s Rivendale from ‘Lord of the Rings’. Lauterbrunnen is a great starting point for Murren/Schilthorn or the Wengen/Jungfrau area. Schützenbach is an ideal starting point in the summer for hiking and for skiing/boarding in the winter. Schutzenbach is an affordable, safe, clean, and fun backpacker for 18-35 year old’s with a variety of accommodation options available, from private doubles, quads to 3 spacious dormitories.


When you first arrive in Breb, it’s hard not to fall in love with this little farm village hidden in a valley on the foot of mount Gutâi. With only 500 houses but lots of fields and orchards in between, Breb feels very intimate yet spacious at the same time. This place seems very special, and it certainly is. Imagine unpaved paths and tiny streets rolling up and down the hills, streams with wooden bridges to cross them, green fruit orchards full of apples and plums, horses and carts taking hay through the fields, families working on their crops, carrying their lunch packed on their backs in handwoven baskets, the sounds of chickens in the courtyards.

Babou is a small scaled hostel and natural campsite in a rural village in Northern Romania, run by a young couple from the Netherlands. This is a great place to experience the local culture, famous wood-works and wonderful nature. You feel like you travelled back in time and will enjoy true relaxation. The location of the Babou hostel  is completely rural in the traditional barn in the couple’s courtyard. The renovation was done in such was not to disturb or lose the authenticity of the initial building.

A lot of activities can be done from the hostel. For ideas visit their website to learn more about the possibilities. In the village you are also able to rent a mountain bikes and bike in the forest or to the neighbouring villages.


This beautiful Wild West-themed resort built around a beautiful lake in the picturesque town of Zator in Poland, starts as low as EUR 40 per night. In this resort, you can stay in a cabin, a tepee or a wagon while all are equipped with Air Conditioning.

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The Western Camp Resort offers a variety of open nature family activities counting within activities such as fishing, hiking, open-air cinema, park, and the possibility of being all your family members which include your dog. For those moments when you just want your moments of peace, there is a place for you to enjoy the fresh air in a lazy hammock and admire the surrounding greenery or read your favorite book.

Although the Resort offers a very good restaurant, if you feel like fully experience the whole shebangs of living a bit more primitively then what you have been used to so far, there is a SuperMarket (Biedronka) just 50 meters from the resort where you can buy some sausages or whatever your heart desires and grill them on the fireplace. Just make sure to reserve a fireplace as they tend to get busy with everyone wanting to live primitively for a few days.

The Western Camp Resort is located next to one of Europe’s biggest amusements Park Energylandia which offers fun and challenges forever everyone, starting from mild family activities to extreme ones for those who want an adrenaline dose. All this stretched on over 7km of sightseeing.

We hope that more people will dare to travel out of their comfort zones and try new adventures in the nature to escape or detox themselves from the “money and technology corrupted” day-to-day routine of city.

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