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Who are we?

We are a just a normal couple who loves travelling, good foof, animals and nature. We strive to explore the most we can of the world’s cultures, traditions, colours and vibes. We chase sunsets, ride the waves, free dive in the marine life and climb mountains! We chase adventures and we want to see the world together.

How we travel?

We save money because we are vegetarian, we don’t go out for partying, we dress simple and live humble. We also receive remuneration for promoting products on our blog. We follow up with different travelling agencies or airlines to ensure we don’t lose opportunities.

Why we travel?

We occupy  very small place in the world and we only know as much as we are thought in schools, communities and family. We also see as long as our eyes can see. We know the world is big beautiful place and we want to discover it and help others through our adventures quests, to discover it with us.

Don’t listen to what they say, go see!


The concept of travel is shaped by things with meaning and love and the desire of learning how other people think, live and love and what have they done with the gifts of nature.

Inspiration comes from opening your mind to see different places, people, things or perspectives.

Slide Wherever you go becomes a part of you.